Saluki Bows takes its name from the most ancient and beautiful breed of hunting dog. Slender, swift and deadly accurate, the Saluki dogs originated in the Middle East and Northwest Africa, and epitomize what a great bow should be.

The Saluki Custom Bows are different than anything else on today's market. Because the designs have evolved from the historical roots of Asiatic composite bows, the look alone sets a Saluki apart. The unique limb design of the Saluki collection is the culmination of many years of not only study, but the painstaking process of recreating authentic horn bows. The kind of deep understanding that can only be gained from the experience of building horn bows of Turkish, Scythian and Mongolian origin.

" I have constantly been in search of the most efficient design, and it is an ongoing process. Horn bows have been my motivation from the beginning, and the rich history they have left behind has become a constant source of inspiration for me. I like to think that the use of the most technically advanced materials in combination with outstanding historical tradition sets what I am doing apart from the crowd."
Lukas Novotny