There is a common misconception nowadays to call every shorter bow with simple handle and static tips, a "Horse Bow". 
Even though I am using this terminology on my website for the sake of simplicity, there is actually no such a thing as a "Horse Bow"...  In fact some short bows with no shelf, are sometimes way too heavy to be used comfortably by the regular person from horseback and are more suited for hunting and target shooting.  So next time you see a bow with no shelf, and with static tips, don't call it immediately a "Horse Bow"...

If you are looking for a bow for Mounted Archery, there are 3 important issues to take into consideration:
The shape of the handle. Choose a bow with a basic round grip, for i
t will be easier to hold the arrows in your bow hand. Bows with pistol grip, shelves or with highly curved grips are not suitable for Horseback Archery.
The poundage of the bow should also be lighter than you are generally used to, for it is much harder to draw a bow from the back of a galloping horse.
The length of the bow in mounted archery is generally shorter.

Saluki Bows offers many bow models that can be used in mounted archery:

Horn Bows -  Especially the Turkish, Crimean-Tartar, Mongol... (the ''real thing'', but more expensive)
Hybrid Bows -   Turkish, Crimean-Tartar, Mongol...  (the looks and performance of true Horn Bows for a lesser price)
Fiberglass Bows -  
Especially the Damascus, the Genghis, the Ibex in the Basic Round Grip version. (great performance for a moderate price)
Little Giant - Our beginners basic fiberglass recurve bow for a lesser price.

For picture gallery of all of our bow models click on the link below:



Our beginners bow.  Can be made powerful enough to be used by adults or as a lighter youth bow, in both ground and mounted archery. Because it has no static tips (Siyahs) this bow is more affordable than my other fiberglass models. The Little Giant is an economical choice for beginners, archery schools and clubs.


Length: 50”

Draw Weight: 20 to 35 lbs.

Draw Length: up to 30”.









































IBEX (Horse Bow Version)


This bow is based on the design of the fierce Crimean Tartar warriors. Again, this bow is a static tip (Siyahs) recurve, built on the foundation of my knowledge of building horn bows. The bow has a pleasing double curve shape that anybody can appreciate.  This unique design gives you a very smooth draw which delivers superior speed, accuracy and efficiency with superb handling and no hand shock.


Length: 58”, 60” and 62"

Draw Weight: 30 to 70 lbs.

Draw Length: Up to 32”.


DAMASCUS (Horse Bow Version)


This design has its roots in the bows of Crimean Tartars and Kipchaks. Its wide use spread from the southern stepps of Russia to Mameluk Egypt. The bow has pleasant curves that translate into great performance and deadly accuracy. The Horse Bow version with the basic round handle is very popular among the mounted archers.


Length: 52”, 54”

Draw Weight: 25 to 65 lbs.

Draw Length: Up to 32”.
































GENGHIS (Horse Bow Version)


Inspired by the fierce Mongol hoards, of course! A double-curve design dating back to the era of Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan. This bow delivers great speed and efficiency. It shoots heavy arrows with authority in lighter poundages. This bow is smooth and performs beautifully.

Length: 58”, 60”, 64”

Draw Weight: 30 to 70 lbs.

Draw Length: Up to 34”.